January 18, 2023 IN: News

Centreville Office Welcomes Ryan Anderson, New Branch Manager

Our Centreville office has a new branch manager! We’re happy to welcome Ryan Anderson and his 23 years of industry experience to the McCrone family.

Ryan Anderson Centreville

Ryan Anderson is looking forward to the challenge of his new role and the opportunity to work with people who have been with the company for thirty years. He loves boundary work, especially the older projects because they’re “like putting together a puzzle.”

Ryan calls the Eastern Shore home, along with his wife and two boys, ages 14 and 3. They live on their farm called Second Chance Farm and care for quite the menagerie of rescued animals: 17 goats, 35 chickens, 1 bunny, 2 cats, and 3 dogs. It certainly sounds like rewarding work.

During the summer, he and his family enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors. On the weekends he goes crabbing and sells the crabs to local customers. Although most of the crabs are sold, many times there are leftovers that are enjoyed by friends and family. He ends up freezing a lot of crab meat to use in recipes throughout the winter, especially at Christmas time when his family makes crab balls, crab dip, and crab soup. (Our mouth is watering!)

But it’s not just crab on the menu in the Anderson household. He loves grilling and smoking all kinds of meats, including the deer that he and his son hunt together.

What inspired Ryan to come work for McCrone? The family environment, he says. We’re certainly glad to welcome him to the McCrone Engineering family.