Site Engineering & Construction Phase Services

Construction Stakeout

McCrone offers a full range of civil engineering services to public and private clients. Our engineering staff hails from a wide variety of top schools such as Virginia Tech, Penn State, the University of Delaware and MIT. They revel in the problem solving involved in making your project cost effective, innovative and compliant with today’s ever evolving regulatory landscape.


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Water, Wastewater, and Municipal Engineering

Buie-1We bring experience to your project with all aspects of hydrology from site and problem assessment to designing and recommending solutions that are both cost effect and sustainable. Our difference lies in our aggressive research in new technologies coupled with our knowledge of current and proposed regulations. From Subconsultant and regulatory agency coordination to project administration, sample collection and report preparation, we’re ready to dive in and help you find the answers you need to keep your project moving forward.


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Environmental Engineering & Water Resources

waders-1McCrone’s Environmental Engineering Group provides planning, design and construction assistance to municipalities, county agencies, public utilities and private clients to help them meet their potable water and wastewater needs. They also assist state and federal governments in the continued improvement of their water and wastewater systems. From feasibility through construction services, our team of engineers is there every step of the way ensuring your project meets not only today’s needs, but tomorrow’s as well.

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Sustainable Design

West Co Library Green Roof 2Sustainable design results in built environments that harmonize with nature, utilize less energy, and are more affordable to operate. Sustainability is achieved on multiple levels: ecologic, economic, and social. Studies show improved test scores in green schools and quicker recoveries in hospital rooms that look out on green space.

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