February 18, 2021 IN: News

Elkton, MD Office Flies High With New Drone

The Elkton, MD office recently purchased a drone for use in their company wide surveying and engineering projects. The new technology will prove useful in expediting the survey process and in post construction.

survey engineer

Engineers and architects alike depend on accurate data at every stage of the project. This new drone will collect high-quality data to be used throughout the planning, surveying and inspection process.

The drone will be used for survey topography, post construction site inspections and as-built surveys. This new tool will facilitate aerial data collection of larger sites, saving time and manpower. This will directly benefit clients by allowing McCrone to conduct surveys more quickly and at less cost, ensuring projects remain on time and under budget.

Field surveyor Riley Cahill will be putting his drone pilot license to good use and will be piloting the new device. McCrone is looking forward to its first project utilizing the new technology.