August 12, 2022 IN: News

Wishing Our Engineering Intern, Katie Easter, a Great Final Year of College

McCrone's engineering intern, Katie Easter, returns to college this fall to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering.

Catherine Katie Easter

Katie Easter is about to wrap up her second summer internship with us before she heads off to her last year of college at the University of Maryland. Katie currently interns for the public works department here at McCrone. She was happy to come back for a second internship for the camaraderie and training. She says, “The office is always chattering, we have a lot of social events, and everyone has really positive and friendly energy. I’m most definitely learning something new every day.”

Katie decided on a civil engineering career path because it fits her problem-solving mindset. Since starting her bachelor’s studies at the University of Maryland, Katie’s interest in civil engineering has grown. Her expertise has supported projects like replacing four 50-year-old pump stations and designing the grinder pump station for a new apartment complex. “I hope that my contributions to the field of civil engineering bring us closer to having a fully safe and effective infrastructure,” says Katie.

You’ve been an integral part of our team. We can’t wait to see where the future takes you.