March 21, 2023 IN: News

Salisbury Office excited to have two new employees join their team

Our Salisbury office has two new employees. We’re happy to welcome Joey Wood and Tara Walston to the McCrone family.

Joining our Salisbury office survey team is Joey Wood.  Joey came to us from a local surveying firm where he did Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Construction Layout, and As-Built Surveys. Joey is looking forward to gaining more knowledge and experience in hopes of becoming a licensed surveyor.
When he’s not staking out boundaries at work or assisting the survey team, he’s spending time with friends and family. When the weather is nice, he loves to drive his truck on the OSV beach on Assateague Island. Welcome to the team, Joey!


The Salisbury office is also excited to have Tara Walston join our engineering team as a CADD Designer.  Tara came to us from a local engineering firm where she drew site plans, subdivisions, and boundary surveys but most notable was that she had drawn up 100+ site plans for a large builder in just the past 2 months. In her free time, you can find her either working on trucks, making clay earrings, or occasionally drawing when she has the chance.  Any opportunity she has, she loves being outside. Whether that be going for a ride on the motorcycle, driving out on the beach, or going for a hike on trails. She is also a huge space nerd, with hopes of finishing her degree in Aerospace Engineering and working for NASA. (We are hoping she is going to fall in love with Civil Engineering!) Welcome aboard, Tara!